Tapered Bodies Standards and Training Principles: Keys to a Timeless Physique

1. Be present and conscious of yourself. Lift how you want to look. Do not let your mind wander and think about other things while you train. You will not get anywhere near the results if you are not actively present.

2. Visualization is key. While you train, envision how you want your body, muscles to look and take shape. You are the sculptor and your body is clay. Envision it always!

3. Self talk and thoughts. These are crucial and similar to number 2 that has a profound effect on the body and its development. Your body hears everything you think and say about it. Stop talking so much shit about it and start telling it how awesome it is!

4. Contract the muscles you are targeting during the movement. Do not just move weights in space. Actively squeeze the muscles you are training and developing.

The body does not know how much weight you are lifting. The body knows tension, internal and external.

Internally by way of contracting and squeezing the muscles while you perform the movement.

External from the resistance being used.

Even though I state that the body does not know how much weight you are lifting, this doesn’t mean that weight isn’t important. It is important. It is about using the appropriate weight for the repetitions selected. You can squeeze all you want using very light weights but your body will not grow or change. Heavy and light are super relative and change depending on the movement and body positioning.

So while 10 to 20 lbs can be extremely light for some movements, that very same weight can be more than enough or too much for others.

Understanding this while dropping the ego and you will make more progress than ever before.

Not no pain no gain, rather, no brain no gain!

5. Posture is greatly important. Train how you want to look!

6. Train fast and hard (relative to your training age, circumstances, and current capabilities). Always be in control, this goes without saying, even though I just said it.

7. Strategic cheating movements is an awesome straegy for better physique shape, size, and strength.

8. Always be aware of your breath work. Nose breathing is very imparative. Mouths are meant for eating.

9. Focus on the peripheral muscles. The pivot muscles. Proportions, ratios, illusions and symmetry matter over just getting big everywhere.

10. Pose in between sets during rest periods. This is very motivational, facilitates keeping the blood inside the muscle, and greatly helps with teaching you better muscle control, stimulation, contracting the working muscle and doing so in a zen way where you are squeezing as hard as possible but looking very relaxed and at peace.

11. Keep rest periods as little as possible, relative to your training age, circumstances, and current capabilities.

12. Do not slam your weights. If you can pick them up, you can put them down.

13. Always put your weights back. If you can take them out, you can put them back.

14. Don’t be a dumbass

15. Have fun

16. Context matters greatly in what you are capable of doing and if you eat a diet high in unsaturated fats, and live a stressed lifestyle with lack of sleep, not being able to slow down and you under nourish yourself either nutritionally, self love, or not being true to who you are and your needs and wants, then you might need to scale your training way back to nothing or very limited until you address these issues/habits first so that your training facilitates health and growth instead of destruction and disease.

17. Nutrition, mindset and sleep are more important than training for results long term

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