The Harsh Truth: You Must Eat Before Training in the Morning, Create Better Habits, and Fuck Cardio and Perform Full Body Strength Training for Fat Loss and Muscular Development

I do not recommend cardio for body composition, fat loss or muscle development.

And I certainly do not recommend fasted cardio or fasted strength training for health.

If you are training in the morning, you have to always eat something before you train as you have been fasting all night. You will perform better in the gym if you eat first. Now some people find it hard to eat first thing or they get up quite close to the time they train. If this is the case, work on bettering these habits to plan better, but in the meantime, blend up two cups of orange juice with a tbsp or two of gelatin and salt and have some before training and then sip on the rest during your session if you need it. This gives you a quick and easy source of great sugar that will give your body energy and good protein so that your workouts are building and not destructive.

People get so distracted on the stupid little details instead of focusing on and being consistent with the few things that really matter! The FUCKING basics.

1. Consistently get adequate protein, carbs and fat and we encourage clients to eat foods from our suggested food list (most of the time) as they are easy to digest and don’t suppress thyroid function.

2. Train hard, fast, with good form and posture in mind (relative to where you currently are). Aim to get the repetitions desired and work on increasing the weight as time goes on. This means your muscle will go up and fat will go down. And do not do cardio!

3. Cut back or eliminate alcohol completely, especially early on. You need time to heal.

4. Get adequate sleep and recovery. If we are not fully recovered from a session we don’t train again until we have. You recover by doing the FUCKING basics. Eat, sleep, relax.

5. Get sun.

6. Lower stress.


Most men and women who want to look “toned” or have less fat on their bodies. The best way to achieve this is to build more muscle. Muscle at rest burns fat for fuel and it requires more calories to survive. The best way to build muscle is to lift weights – you must become capable of lifting weights you once were not!

I don’t take or recommend pre-workouts, we don’t need them, we fuel our bodies with adequate protein, carbs and fat and I drink coffee but not because I need it, because it is great for you and fucking delicious.

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